OUI OUI by Kendall Sargeant

You'd be living under a rock not to know Gooseberry Intimates are leading the lace & lingerie game right now (and probably will forever more). This 'Paris Body' suit is the epitome of elegance, everything a girl could want.. and guy could want a girl to wear. Featuring simple silvers by Krystle Knight jewellery and Bones & Feathers and babys breath blooms by my bedside. 






All imagery by mon amour, @benjaminxriches

SOUL NOT FOR SALE by Kendall Sargeant

I have had a turbulent year, to say the least. Most of the time experiencing dual emotions, simultaneously. My new years resolution was simply to leave my comfort zone... shed my skin a little.. and I've more than accomplished that task. Three months traveling alone without a plan, resigning from a job I adored, following new love, seeking new adventures, starting fresh with nothing and leaving loved ones behind. I have been endlessly blessed and relentlessly tested. I've learnt how important it is to trust your gut, embrace nostalgia, walk a tightrope of stability vs vulnerability, rely on people, express yourself and filter out the negativity in your life. People will constantly judge you, question you and try to define you. I am lucky to have begun to cross paths with creative, driven people who reach out wanting to collaborate and share their passion which I find beyond flattering. Just because my life is evolving and taking its destined course could never mean I lose focus on my ideals, goals or myself as a person. That's not what I'm about.

This post is me taking a moment to say more than just a few witty words in an Instagram post that will be lost in a feed of blah blah blah within minutes. I hope you enjoy the fragments of my everyday that I have captured and cherished over the last few months // Soul not for sale.

all imagery taken by myself

A CHUPA CHUP SHORT by Kendall Sargeant

All hail party pants.

These florals by Ena Pelly had me feeling all 'comic book superhero' and conveniently paired perfectly with my purple-people-eater-with-a-blue-hue hair. Throw in the joy of some AA jelly shoes and my Krystle Knight choker and I'm just a Chupa Chup short of the 90s. 

IMG_0512 (2).jpg








all imagery by @benjaminxriches


THE OUTLAW by Kendall Sargeant

Apologies, I've been on an extended siesta. After a little hiatus and dash to the desert I bring to you, The Outlaw;

An outfit teamed with the ethos of less is more + the attitude of 'fuck it'. You'll find Lack of Color on my head, This is First Base on my back, Minimale Animale (barely) on my skin, Holystone on my toes and an unrehearsed cowboy in the background, he's no mirage.

We drove 3.5 hours into the middle of no where, shot in 110 degrees in under 4 minutes and somehow captured my favourite content yet. 

Majestic & lonely, magnetic, raw. The Outlaw. 






all imagery by @benjaminxriches


CITY OF ANGELS by Kendall Sargeant

City of the overworked & underpaid, the dreamers & believers, the gypsys, the artists, the singers and swingers, the actors by day and waiters by night, the hookers and dealers, the magicians, the musicians, the super stars and fast cars, the inspired and desired, the movers and the shakers, the movie makers, the game changers and the 'tryna make it's...

Welcome to, the City of Angels.


Top // Vintage from Melrose Flea Markets

Bra // Lonely Hearts Lingerie

Sunglasses // Vintage

Ring // Vintage

Shoes // TBA Shoes

imagery by @benjaminxriches

DREAM GIRLS & DOUBLE DENIM by Kendall Sargeant

You know how boys drool over 'dream girls' ? Sultry without trying, wears well with nothing but a white tee, always the perfect accessory on your arm (or draped over your shoulder), got that beach babe vibe, low maintenance, looks the goods while wet, and dry, with or without makeup, rain, hail or shine... 

Yeah, well 'double denim' is my dream girl. And my homegirls at Maurie & Eve along with beachwear queens Zulu & Zephr just made my dreams come true via the wonders of the Exhale Jacket & the Zed Jean.

When Lovebird Collective came to my attention in the form of this cropped crochet creation I just had to slap that baby in between my favourite denim duo.

How's that for an all Aussie outfit sandwich. Damn fine.

Dream on, dreamers.



Don't be deceived by the stars and stripes draped across my upper half. I'm 100% Australian grown & owned. Not unlike the (perfect) white denims I'm donning. Designed by relatively fresh on the scene Aussie design team Zulu & Zephyr.. these denims be washed white, the friendliest amount of fray with a satisfying side of oversized (how very 'merican) and how very ideal for an everyday denim lover like myself. Coming soon to selected stockists October. Put a reminder in the iCal, don't miss out. They'll make opening your closet in the mornings a delightful pre-caffeine experience.

flag // stolen from our living room wall, Electric Ave  shorts //  zulu & zephyr   imagery by  @benjaminxriches

flag // stolen from our living room wall, Electric Ave

shorts // zulu & zephyr

imagery by @benjaminxriches

SALTY & SULTRY: PURIENNE FOR Z&Z by Kendall Sargeant

Zulu & Zephyr, the 'hit out the ballpark' homerun of sultry beachwear and the epitome of an Australian lifestyle brand. Their recently released campaign "CAPE TOWN" was shot by none other than Henrik Purienne, king of the female tan line (#purienneblondes #puriennebrunettes if you've been living under a rock). The campaign imagery captures the raw spirit of the Cape Town seaside whilst simultaneously showcasing the easy, holiday handwriting in salty styles and silhouettes that Zulu & Zephyr are known to signature seasonally. I've been lucky enough to get my denim loving paws on a few soon to be released styles to wear every LA day. Shoot coming soon. For now, try keep your jaw off the floor over the following..

Purienne for Zulu & Zephyr; CAPE TOWN.

all images from zuluandzephyr.com (& a couple borrowed from my gerrrrrl WOLFCUB)

SPICE UP YO LIFE by Kendall Sargeant

I know, you know already, but The Fifth Label are what's up. They've treated me well of late with wearable basics, so I couldn't resist showing off another combo from the budding Aussie based label. This skirt is everything, slits and stripes in all the right places. *insert dancing señorita emoji here* & SPICE UP YO LIFE.

TOO RICH, TOO MELLOW by Kendall Sargeant

// vanguard05 @ Malibu

// vanguard05 @ Malibu

// @garrettwasserman

// @garrettwasserman

// arts & crafts w  Rialto Jean Project

// arts & crafts w Rialto Jean Project

// Exhale  @maurieandeve 

// Exhale @maurieandeve 

// majestic

// majestic

// PLANET BLUE #yourtrailerormine 

// PLANET BLUE #yourtrailerormine 



// Bevvy Hills

// Bevvy Hills

// #merica #party #yo

// #merica #party #yo

// SERIAL CHILLER LID  @vanguard05

// SERIAL CHILLER LID @vanguard05

// my morning glory <3

// my morning glory <3





// blooms

// blooms

// boy &amp; the sea

// boy & the sea

// in the eve @venicebeach

// in the eve @venicebeach



TACO BOUT IT by Kendall Sargeant

Let's TACO bout overalls for a minute. There's something nostalgic and comforting about an all in one. Be it denim, cotton, flannel, whatever floats your boat. New kids on the block The Fifth Label have created a mighty fine pair // complete with pockets for your wheel of grape Hubba Bubba and/or strawberry Lip Smacker. Slip on some stripes, slide on in, buckle up and chase that school bus.






Imagery by @benjaminxriches

SLAM DUNK by Kendall Sargeant

Boxy grey marle Bassike shapes a top fresh whites in slim & stretchy silhouettes (with a sneaker)... the epitome of sport luxe. I love me some sport luxe. When the girls at The Fifth Label hit me up with their recent look book I was fist pumping with street wear delight. This netted "See The Sun" dress called for a team of silver and grey to accompany. Throw in a combo of Cali blue skies and the clean lines of Venice Beach basketball courts: SLAM DUNK. 

TEE // Bassike

DRESS // The Fifth Label

SHOES // Nike

SUNNIES // Vintage

NECKLACE // All Saints

EARRINGS // In God We Trust NYC

Imagery by @benjaminxriches 



NEW YORK MINUTE by Kendall Sargeant

New York Minute: an instant. Literally the speed at which time flies in this city. PM turns to AM (and vice versa) in the blink of an eye & vibes change from sneakers to stilettos before you've sipped your mawning cawfie. This city will suck you in and spit you out, but you wouldn't want it any other way. 

Whilst majority of my most treasured New York memories have derived from diversions of the plan / moments of spontaneity and pure co-incidence (I was at a house party with Madonna last week, true story) .. I do actually have a guide of MUST "DO-SEE-BUY-EATS" from my short, fun filled time here. It may leave you a few kilograms heavier & your wallet a few hunj bills lighter but it'll be worth every bite & buck.


  • Brooklyn Flea Markets - every Sunday by the Hudson River. if you're a sucker for a pre worn vintage tee or looking to decorate your home with the coolest shit ever, be there or be square.
  • Brooklyn Botanical Gardens - Spring time, cherry blossoms. Take a picnic, a rug & a lover.
  • MoMA - this is a must. Block out half your day, of if you're a tight ass go on Fridays after 4pm and entry is free (!!)



  • Statue of Liberty - truth be told, I never saw the old bird close up, my one and only (sober) regret from the trip.
  • Central Park - hire bikes & be sure to swing by Shake Shack (also a significant EAT). Should you happen to end up in Central Park in a season other than Spring or Summer, I strongly suggest gloves.. gloves and anything else you own, wear it, all at once. The cold in NYC is like no other.
  • LOVE Sculpture by Robert Indiana - take an insta pic & tag your loved ones, relatives loves that shit. 
  • Broadway Show - again, I neglected the Broadway on my most recent visit to NYC however it's definitely an experience worth the last minute discounted ticket. Go out for a boozy dinner prior, it'll make the show seem shorter & the laughs louder.



  • Love Adorned, Elizabeth St - Jewellery & Interiors. Every kind of everything a girl could ever want. They also take walk ins for piercings. 
  • Opening Ceremony, Howard St - 4 floors of YES. It's kind of like heaven.. heaven with a hefty price tag.
  • Supreme, Lafayette St - if you're as lucky as I.. you'll catch Dylan Reider out the front. Tip: loiter at the coffee spot next door (La Colombe Coffee - ((bonus being that the coffee is legit)) until you down a macchiato and have the confidence to casually say hi without tripping on your Nike laces or spilling Americano down your white tee... OR just do what I did & take a sneaky selfie with him in the background and text it to your best friend at home as proof you were metres from touching an angel.
  • 10 ft Single by Stella Dallas, Brooklyn - wall to wall vintage. I was happily lost in this place alone for at least 3 hours one Saturday afternoon. The only downfall is that you need to return your unwanted selections to the relevant racks YOURSELF so I'd suggest only trying on a handful of items at a time. I learnt the hard way, it was a sweaty post change room experience. 
  • In God We Trust, Brooklyn OR Lafayette St - 4 girls, guys & knick knacks. Go get some.



  • La Esquina (114 Kenmare St) - go DOWNSTAIRS (upstairs is mellow takeaway). order every taco on the menu + the guac (duh). 
  • The Fat Radish (17 Orchard St) - amazing hidden gem near chinatown. relatively healthy modern cuisine, lush wine. head to Lead Belly across the road for cocktails after.
  • Cafe Gitane (242 Mott St) - oui oui. go for breakfast and order the baked eggs with spicy sausage on baguette with an EXTRA side of chipotle mayo. OR take a friend & order the avo toast & baked eggs with salmon to share. might even spy Terry Richardson sipping at the bar if you're lucky.
  • Black Market Restaurant (110 Avenue A) - best burger in the city. oysters. burgers. cocktails. das it mang.
  • Robertas Pizza (Brooklyn) - funky little gourmet pizza joint. pop your name down a couple of hours in advance then go sip a beer on a brooklyn rooftop so you can cruise on in and eat straight away. the lines are looooong. 
  • The Standard Hotel - best view of the city by night. outdoor breezy area for a chilled vibe or head to the middle level for a sweaty disco biscuit time.





STAYIN ALIVE by Kendall Sargeant

My original plan for NYC; stay alive.

So far, still alive.....


conquered the subway system (with company), moved apartments, ate at Fat Radish*, walked across the road & drank at Lead Belly*, danced at Up & Down* til 5am (repeat previous 3 activities two consecutive nights in a row), crawled to diner featuring fluorescent booth sipped cawfie & ate eggs with a side of french fries until pulse returned to normal pace, spent 3 hours in Opening Ceremony*, picked jaw up off the floor and bought sparkly socks for $15 because they were the only thing in the entire shop I could afford, wore sparkly socks with every outfit thereafter, moved apartments (again) & had no bedwear so slept under my fur coat for a night, had my first Manhattan cocktail in a texan bar (hated it), drank 5 vodka lime sodas very quickly to make sure I forgot the taste of a Manhattan, conquered the subway system (alone), visited MoMA* & pissed off way too many guards by taking photos #yolo, somehow restrained myself from spending any $ at Brooklyn flea markets* (miracle), witnessed man eating fruit loops from zip lock bag walking through Soho #sassy, drank beers on Brooklyn rooftops, survived an internship, remembered OZ mothers day AND organised flowers dedicated to Mum in Central Park (best only child EVER), shared a squeaky double bed with my homegirl for a week / didn't sleep a wink for a week (have opted for the couch ever since), missed my girls at home and my boy in LA every second of every minute & have successfully been raped by whole foods every step of the way. 

Have done heaps more but lack of sleep for past 7 days causes dullness of memory. You get the general jist.

* watch this space for NYC essential to do list post.

RBW by Kendall Sargeant

Tip: Don't go to wholefoods whilst drunk, hungover, hungry, lonely, or even slightly mentally unstable. If you do go to wholefoods whilst suffering from any of the above, you will be RBW (raped by wholefoods), namely the mac & cheese with jalapeños & broccoli from the hot bar. Unfortunately, I'm a regular RBW victim, I'm in so deep that today, I said to the cashier, you know what FUCK IT, fuck your brown bag imma by me a blue one, equipped with zip, insulation and sturdy handles. If I'm going to be RBW for the rest of my life I may as well do it proper. Blue bag, you & me are gon be goooood frenz. .. & yep, today I am hungover / drunk & hungry.

ONE MILLION LOVERS by Kendall Sargeant

Found a cure for loneliness I'm forever immune
Stuck in my walk and in my head and I hum her tune
Yep she got rhythm, it's right
Some things don't need words
You know you're living
When it all becomes a blur
Can't be explained and there ain't no reason to
Something strange just takes over you
One million lovers to choose from but none like her, 
The only one for sure
One million lovers to choose from but none like her,
The only one for sure

LAST LA RAYS by Kendall Sargeant

Convoyed from LA to Palm Springs in LOU with my boy band of 6, broke down mid desert, jammed in the back of a van @ a gas station for 2 hours, got towed to palm springs and stepped straight into Saguaro resort, partied for 72 hours straight at sponsored Coachella parties; lost our minds, met new faces, fell in love & lived large. Wouldn't have spent my last California days any other way. Next, New York. xo

SHE MADE ME, BY THE SEA by Kendall Sargeant

If you're like me, and crochet-anything causes heart palpatations and a row of those little love heart eyed emojis, then you'll agree cupid struck gold with She Made Me. The Essential One Piece is just one of many (essential) styles which have found a happy home against my skin whenever the sun shines. Vintage Jacket. Ray bans. Images by Devin Brugman. Background courtesy of Santa Monica Pier.