POSTCARDS FROM ITALY / by Kendall Sargeant

Well this is severely overdue and overly blog worthy, I deserve a slap on the wrist for neglecting to document this trip. Earlier this year Ben and I ventured to Italy to watch my best friend marry her husband. Possibly one of the most surreal, exciting and rewarding trips of my life. We flew 16 hours LA to Russia (don't ask) to Rome, a train to Amalfi & a ferry to Minori later I found my family & best friends gathered in a quaint little town filled with gelato and proscuitto and pebbly beaches, vespas and friendly nonnas. I spent a week drinking wine, sans alarm clocks, taking afternoon naps, catching up with my nearest & dearest, venturing up mountains to lemon farms, discovering hidden beaches & eating too much melon wrapped in proscuitto. I watched my friend become a wife over the hills of Ravello wearing the most perfect dress (and the most perfect smile) and I cried my way through our bridesmaid speech until it was time to dance our way through to the next morning. It's pretty impossible to capture how special moments like that really are but I took a million photos hoping to make up for my lack of words: