STAYIN ALIVE / by Kendall Sargeant

My original plan for NYC; stay alive.

So far, still alive.....


conquered the subway system (with company), moved apartments, ate at Fat Radish*, walked across the road & drank at Lead Belly*, danced at Up & Down* til 5am (repeat previous 3 activities two consecutive nights in a row), crawled to diner featuring fluorescent booth sipped cawfie & ate eggs with a side of french fries until pulse returned to normal pace, spent 3 hours in Opening Ceremony*, picked jaw up off the floor and bought sparkly socks for $15 because they were the only thing in the entire shop I could afford, wore sparkly socks with every outfit thereafter, moved apartments (again) & had no bedwear so slept under my fur coat for a night, had my first Manhattan cocktail in a texan bar (hated it), drank 5 vodka lime sodas very quickly to make sure I forgot the taste of a Manhattan, conquered the subway system (alone), visited MoMA* & pissed off way too many guards by taking photos #yolo, somehow restrained myself from spending any $ at Brooklyn flea markets* (miracle), witnessed man eating fruit loops from zip lock bag walking through Soho #sassy, drank beers on Brooklyn rooftops, survived an internship, remembered OZ mothers day AND organised flowers dedicated to Mum in Central Park (best only child EVER), shared a squeaky double bed with my homegirl for a week / didn't sleep a wink for a week (have opted for the couch ever since), missed my girls at home and my boy in LA every second of every minute & have successfully been raped by whole foods every step of the way. 

Have done heaps more but lack of sleep for past 7 days causes dullness of memory. You get the general jist.

* watch this space for NYC essential to do list post.