RBW / by Kendall Sargeant

Tip: Don't go to wholefoods whilst drunk, hungover, hungry, lonely, or even slightly mentally unstable. If you do go to wholefoods whilst suffering from any of the above, you will be RBW (raped by wholefoods), namely the mac & cheese with jalapeños & broccoli from the hot bar. Unfortunately, I'm a regular RBW victim, I'm in so deep that today, I said to the cashier, you know what FUCK IT, fuck your brown bag imma by me a blue one, equipped with zip, insulation and sturdy handles. If I'm going to be RBW for the rest of my life I may as well do it proper. Blue bag, you & me are gon be goooood frenz. .. & yep, today I am hungover / drunk & hungry.