OOPS by Kendall Sargeant


I think I abandoned me too, Sorry for the lull. You could say I was in a bit of a creative funk, but hey, I'm rested and sorta maybe ready to share some things with you, more frequently than once a year. 

Let's start with words, I like words. I was digging through my draws in my old bedroom and stumbled across some words I penned from 2013, I'm not sure why I stopped penning in my old paper notebook.

But I won't bore you with bye-gones, let's start fresh. I wrote these words today, after some walks and thoughts.

I've called this one;


REDDY SET GO by Kendall Sargeant

Who woulda thought a harmless day of adventure would turn into a blogpost? This past weekend we set out for a day of Vintage shopping, Picasso pit stops at LACMA glued together with a brunch here and some In-N-out there. I picked up this rad little suede red shirt at the Melrose Markets and donned it for the rest of my day. You can shop my my entire look (minus the Vtg) after you scroll. Reddy, set, go:

Jacket - Vintage // Tee - The Fifth Label // Sunglasses - Ahlem // Pants - Topshop // Shoes - Zara (Similar below) // Socks - Surely you're not interested in the black socks? // Bag - Opening Ceremony // Pom Pom Accessory - Vince

SHEER BLISS by Kendall Sargeant

If you're like me you'd willingly give your first born for a few select Luxury Designers, (YSL, Celine & Givenchy spring to mind).. you'll be delighted to learn of Trendlee

They specialize in luxury preowned handbags and they're about to become your bff. Use KSARGEANT upon checkout to save yourself 5% off every order. You'll be throwing your hands around in delight, like me. See below for examples of pure joy at the addition of some YSL to my life. Please also note this perfect plum sheer piece of blouse by Maurie & Eve; God bless you M&E.

   Outfit// Top  Maurie & Eve  // Jeans Vtg Levis // Bag  YSL via Trendlee  // Shoes  ASOS  // Sunglasses Vtg


Outfit// Top Maurie & Eve // Jeans Vtg Levis // Bag YSL via Trendlee // Shoes ASOS // Sunglasses Vtg

COLOR ME COPPER by Kendall Sargeant

This look was another of my ‘what haven’t I worn yet’ throw togethers on the last days of NYFW. It turned out to be a favorite of mine, and of WhoWhatWear too. The lovely people at WWW reached out wanting to know how my style had changed in my transition from Australia to the states. Flattered is an understatement. I have been so blessed to work for incredibly talented, trend relevant and successful Designers. It's a pleasure to wear and represent brands I love and believe in, the journey feels like it's just beginning.

Shop my look here, then read a sneak peak: 


"I’ll be coming up to my two-year U.S. anniversary next March. I originally flew over for a three month adventure, planning to split my time between N.Y.C. and L.A. before heading back to Sydney to continue my role with Maurie & Eve.

Long story short, I fell in love with America. I found myself shipping everything home to stock my suitcase up with vintage tees, denim, shoes and brands like All Saints, Nike, Rag & Bone and Helmut Lang. I ended up moving here and only held onto my staples and sold those "but I swear I might wear it again" pieces. It was a scary but rejuvenating process."

"Since moving, my style has definitely evolved. I travel to N.Y.C. quite a lot, so it’s always changing. I adapt my look to embody the city I’m in. My L.A. wardrobe is stocked with lighter colourways and pieces that are comfortable: a few pairs of vintage Levi’s, tees, shirting, ‘70s lace dresses, ‘90s slip dresses, metallic, fine jewellery and leather accessories. My N.Y.C. wardrobe is fearless. I could wear anything and feel comfortable and confident.

What I’ve loved most about moving is discovering new brands—SugarHigh LoveStoned, Madison Harding, Luiny, Jess Hannah Jewellery, Ryan Roche and Rosie Assoulin.  More than anything it’s the accessibility to brands that’s overwhelming for an Aussie—Acne, Chloe, IRO, All Saints, Oak, Rag & Bone, even Stone Cold Fox—all at my fingertips, often on sale... and in my size

"I’ve seen an increased need for outfits that are wearable from day to night. L.A. is a city of spontaneity. When I leave the house in the morning, I could be bouncing from work, to a gig, to dinner, to an event. I always need to consider adding or subtracting layers to change my look without having to make a pit-stop. Throwing jeans and an extra something into the mix—a change in shoe, a neck scarf or jacket are my fool-proof solutions. People here party in sneakers and it looks great.

I learnt very quickly that in many ways L.A. is more low-key than Sydney. It’s all about the effortless, put together look. I find myself balancing between feminine and man-style structure. I play with accessories more nowadays because creativity is so warmly welcomed in California."

"Whilst staying true to my style, I dress more eclectically here, and I’m comfortable doing so. Signature, my blog, embodies my balance of vintage and contemporary style. I’m of the mindset that you don’t need to be overdressed to be the best dressed, it’s about knowing your body type and dressing true to that.

I would say living, working and finding my feet between L.A. and N.Y.C. has helped solidify my sense of self. I’ve begun following trends less and finding myself more. If I moved back to Sydney, I would take that confidence with me and I’m sure my style would organically evolve into a new chapter."

Read the full article here.

C/MEO COLLECTIVE Small Things Top – Copper available via FashionBunker.com, C/MEO COLLECTIVE Tux Pant available late November (Similar Here), ACNE Shoes, Zara Neck Scarf, Wonderland Sun Eyewear (Similar Here), Zara Bag.



THE 70s CALLED by Kendall Sargeant

They want their mini skirt & thigh-highs back. 

I rarely wear heels, like I avoid them wherever possible, but these suede, leg-hugging lovelies by Aldo were too true to my style to resist. A denim mini A-line (yes, I am manifesting Alexa Chung at all times), my new fave tee by Friend Of Mine and an extra layer of denim anything - wham bam thank you ma'am.

Shop the 70's thigh high here.


NYFW, part 1 (v. late, sorry) by Kendall Sargeant

Slow & steady wins the race, or so I will tell myself.

Yes, it's taken me an age to even put up a part one wrap up of NYFW but..better late than never?

I had this vision of heading home after the shows, shoots & champagne of each day to write up my day by day recaps and show off outfits that look carefully curated but were really just thrown together in the 26 seconds I had between opening my eyes and stepping into my uber.. that plan went to shit. NYFW is no joke. In my opinion I did well just getting a couple of IG images uploaded each day. Seven straight days of fashion is not for the faint hearted. I guarantee, beneath each bloggers boot there is a blister and each editors eyes there are at least 4 adderall, hourly. 

So like I said, better late than never, here's part 1... and a little clickable how-to for anyone wanting to shop one my fave look.


TY-LR Trench, Zara Neck Tie, Vintage Levis, Zara Boots similar here, Zara Bag similar here.


My Ride or Die


Simon Miller presentation feat. best view of the city


All Saints "Detention Hall" Presentation


My little Olivia (@lusttforlife)


Running for an @uber_nyc


Sex & The City gone gangster




Who wore it best? Don't answer that. With @4thandbleeker


Mezcals & cityscapes


Another day, another @uber_nyc. 


Trench & trousers by TY-LR, Bag Helmut Lang, Shoes Aldo.


Chloe's vegan eatery is everything


Running, always. Pom Pom shoes by ASOS, Skirt & Tee by TY-LR, Bag by Helmut Lang, Neck Scarf by ASOS.


99 problems but a 99c slice aint one


Herve Leger


A Carrie Bradshaw moment.."I couldn't help but wonder".

POSTCARDS FROM ITALY by Kendall Sargeant

Well this is severely overdue and overly blog worthy, I deserve a slap on the wrist for neglecting to document this trip. Earlier this year Ben and I ventured to Italy to watch my best friend marry her husband. Possibly one of the most surreal, exciting and rewarding trips of my life. We flew 16 hours LA to Russia (don't ask) to Rome, a train to Amalfi & a ferry to Minori later I found my family & best friends gathered in a quaint little town filled with gelato and proscuitto and pebbly beaches, vespas and friendly nonnas. I spent a week drinking wine, sans alarm clocks, taking afternoon naps, catching up with my nearest & dearest, venturing up mountains to lemon farms, discovering hidden beaches & eating too much melon wrapped in proscuitto. I watched my friend become a wife over the hills of Ravello wearing the most perfect dress (and the most perfect smile) and I cried my way through our bridesmaid speech until it was time to dance our way through to the next morning. It's pretty impossible to capture how special moments like that really are but I took a million photos hoping to make up for my lack of words:


WALK THIS WAY by Kendall Sargeant

I am just a little fish in a biiiiig sea, so when Aldo reached out wanting to sort me out with the cool shoe shine I was beyond a little bit chuffed. These Beige "BRIRANI" lace ups work perfectly with anything from denim, business attire to bare legs. Similar style here.

Here's a couple ways I walked my Aldo's round LA:

Look one; Friend of Mine Overalls, Viintage Silk Shirt, TY-LR Bag

Look two; Dress Laila Azhar, Necklace Luiny, Silk Shirt Vintage.

Shoes throughout: Aldo


Gangs all here by Kendall Sargeant

Since moving DTLA we have been piecing together a home; some vintage, some new some gifted. The beauty of our large, light airy loft is that you can do no wrong when decorating. Whilst I've been busy layering my silvers around the place and situating our cacti gang in sunlit corners, Atelier Lumira have kindly filled the air with their luxurious Oriental Jasmine & Tuscan Fig candles. Check them out here, your senses will thank you. ✨





90210 by Kendall Sargeant

Recently my boyfriend and I spent a day house hunting in Beverly Hills...

Jks, we actually spent a day hunting down celebrities houses. We also managed to snap these images within the palm tree lined streets of famous 90210.

The guts of this look are credited to CAMEO with the outskirts and accessories a black array of my everyday essentials. Elaborate list noted below.

BEETLEJUICE by Kendall Sargeant

Beetlejuice is on the loose.

This ensemble is my idea of a monochrome dream. Truth be told I think I ended up re-using 3 of the below pieces in 3 different oufits all within one week. I'm training myself to spend frugally, utilise my existing wardrobe and recycle its contents. Most likely because I've had to reduce my wardrobe to 1/4 of its original size in the move to LA. Regardless, wearable staples & a luxe (Cameo) trench make for one happy beetle :)

Photo 21-12-2014 6 09 48 pm.jpg

SUNDAY BEST by Kendall Sargeant

Baby, it's cold outside.

When LA brings out the sweater weather (aka a temp actually under 24 degrees celsius) i'll take that rare opportunity and run with it. This Sullivan knit by Cameo is every bit as cosy at it looks. I teamed her with the Ascent Skirt and a pair of sparkly Opening Ceremony socks & took them all for a spin down Rodeo Drive. #fancy 

E is for Ease by Kendall Sargeant

And that's the epitome of E by Elliot the label.

My extremely talented, blonde, gypsy friend @annahewetson helped me capture some sunny snaps of these styles, available (SOON) via STR8UP THREADS.

See below for an abundance of wet, white & a little leather.

#SHELIVESFREE by Kendall Sargeant

Byron born 'Auguste' asked me to join their #shelivesfree series and put into words what I think living free truly means:

"Trusting your instincts. Walking a tightrope of stability and vulnerability. Expressing yourself organically and truthfully and filtering all negativity from your life. Being raw, real and cherishing every fragment of your being."

This cute 'Gracie' onesie playsuit embodies the essence of 'free' to me. At the risk of sounding like a giddy school girl it really does inspire the flirty and the floral within me. Thank you Auguste.


Imagery by @annahewetson

SAHARA RAY SWIM by Kendall Sargeant

Sahara Ray.

Two simple words that will twist tongues into a temporary stutter, send boys hearts' racing and turn girls into the love heart eyed emoji. She's the sex kitten @sahara_ray who's face you're bound to know and bod you're guaranteed to envy. Aside from all this ..guess what.. she's a business savvy bundle of fun, a genuine ray of sunshine and chicka I'm proud to call a friend. 

Her recently-ish released debut swimwear endeavour Sahara Ray Swim is here, there and everywhere and I luckily got my paws on my favourite suit in the range. Thank you S.R x

STR8UP by Kendall Sargeant

STR8UP THREADS is quite simply the raddest of the rad. Founder (& now friend), Gabby Waller, decided she would up the online store ante and throw the best LA & AUS based basics (First Base) & street wear (T-Squad Co.) into a pot, sprinkle in a little sex pistol swimwear (Minimale Animale) and a dash of lingerie luxe (NOE Undergarments), take a shot of tequila and launch an online store with the absolute GOODS.

Turns out I must be doing something right because for some reason, far beyond me, Gab reached out wanting me to be a seasonal STR8UP ambassador, to which I shouted EFF YES ! 

The site is set to launch early Dec 2014 and you can follow her #spunksinbasics journey via @str8upthreads and of course, my personal instagram @kndlsargeant.

Here's a taste test of what's in that previously mentioned ol' big pot:




Images by @benjaminxriches 

BEAT THE HEAT by Kendall Sargeant

So a week ago I chased Summer all the way from sunny LA to supreme springtime in Sydney and I'm therefore getting pretty damn good at beating the heat. I had the pleasure of selling ODYSEE Summer '15 to the best stores around Australia during my days at Maurie & Eve and I've been waiting like a puppy in a pet shop window for these styles to fly their way to the USA and into my closet. Here you have it, my take on beating the heat (in knitwear), 101.

(Basically, hair up & wear less). Simple.